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An Average but Somewhat Quirky American Boy

Used to be Worky.com but made a shift to Worky.us
If you have an interest and some spare time, you might want to take a look at my photos on the Flickr.com site.    'www.flickr.com'


Flickr.com is a cool site and is free, so for anyone who wants to throw photos on the net, it is supreme.


Wo!  The past year has been extremely full with some major challenges which offered some fine rewards and caused some brief suffering for Connie.  In July, she decided that we were going to remodel the house and so she tore sheetrock off a wall downstairs and 5 months and quite a few dollars later, the job was finally 95% complete. 

It was a pretty stressful summer and early fall while the project carried over into the school year.  Connie ended up with Mono (from kissing the wrong Cowboy?), a Gallstone attack and finally Shingles which is caused by stress. We had the Tile Guy from Hell and it really stressed her to the max.  Gratefully, she has finally kicked all these afflictions and is just thrilled with the house.  I get to enjoy all the great ideas she developed and now spend my evenings in the 'Pit' downstairs, sitting in a reclliner with my laptop and just Flickr away while watching TV all evening. 

Spring is coming and I'll have to concentrate on all the yardwork I missed last summer while working the Co-op Garden which I won't be working this year.


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